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La física de la escala intermedia

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23 may Entrada gratuita. Inicio a las 19h00.
Cafeteria La Pau, Carrer Pere Vergés, 1, 1a planta
08020, Barcelona
¿Cómo puede el comportamiento de millones de partículas ser util para el desarrollo humano?

(Quantum) trip in the ultracold world at -273 °C

Giulia De Rosi & Andrea Richaud (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
The world at -273 °C is very different from the one we can observe in our daily routine and can be explained only with Quantum Mechanics. Atoms behave both as a particle and as a wave. Many ultracold atoms form new states of matter which are the coldest and the most dilute in the Universe. In these systems, physicists can create vortices which are the quantum version of tornadoes. We will take you on a journey in this bizarre world, which allows researchers to explore the deep secrets of quantum matter, and to develop the new super-fast quantum computer.

From light to (hot!) energy

Michela Florinda Picardi (ICFO)
The world's consumption and production of energy are ever-growing and predicted to continue doing so. We seek novel technologies to both generate clean energy and reduce emissions. Devices based on thermal emission are becoming the state-of-the-art for energy conversion right in front of our eyes. Recent scientific advances show us the possibility for the waste heat of industrial processes to be exploited as an abundant energy resource. This heat, in the form of thermal radiation, can be converted into electricity through thermophotovoltaic devices. In this talk we will explore this challenge.
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