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Gigantic energies and infinitesimal particles: the world of high energy physics

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22 may Puertas: 19:30h
Evento: 20:00h-21:30h
Michael Collins, Plaça Sagrada Familia, 4
08013, Barcelona

Neutrinos: viewing the invisible

Iván Esteban Muñoz (Instituto de Ciencias del Cosmos, Universitat de Barcelona)
Neutrinos are the most elusive elementary particles in nature: each second we are traversed by trillions of neutrinos, even though in our entire lifetime just one of them will interact with our body. And, nevertheless, they are essential to build the Standard Model of Particle Physics, and their study has deserved four Nobel prizes. But, why are they so important? How are we able to experimentally study these evasive particles? Which surprises have they brought us? What is their relevance to understand the origin and evolution of the Universe?

Unveiling the smallest things

Pere Arnan Vendrell (Institut de ciències del cosmos)
What's the secret that is hiding in the smallest entity that humans can observe? The so called Standard Model is a beautiful theory of Particle Physics and explains many things with "great" accuracy. But what does the Standard Model lack? Does it completely explain the LHC experiments at CERN? What are the so called flavour anomalies? Finally I will discuss my role as a theoretical physicist in this puzzle.
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