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Food sustainability: new approaches to old necessities

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23 may Free entrance. Start at 20h00
BlackLab Brewhouse, Plaça Pau Vila, 1
08039, Barcelona
¿What does everyone love? Of course, eating. Wether if it is a tasty steak at a luxury restaurant, a sweet crêpe at Paris or a greasy burger at a fast food chain restaurant, we all enjoy the primitive moment of just eating. But to have this menu, food needs to be produced. And in this crowded and changing world, this is not a trivial issue. This evening we will explore two different ways of producing food in a sustainable manner. Come and discover your next meal!

Meet the new Meat: cómo cultivar carne "in vitro"

Mario Notari (CUBIQ FOODS S.L.)
La agricultura celular tiene como propósito principal aplicar las tecnologías del cultivo celular e ingeniería de tejidos, así como de la fermentación y otras biotecnologías para producir alimentos como carne, grasa y productos que tradicionalmente se obtienen de animales. El uso de la agricultura celular como paradigma alternativo a la producción ganadera convencional tiene el potencial de mejorar la sostenibilidad de la producción de proteínas animales al reducir los impactos ambientales y de bienestar animal de los sistemas actuales de ganadería.

Cereal biochemistry catching heat

Natalie Laibach (Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG))
Stable food supply is crucial to human well-being and the increasing thread of heat waves can impact yield and nutritional quality dramatically. To understand how crops are reacting towards heat and how we could possibly intervene, it is important to know what molecular processes are underlying the heat response of plants. Sorghum is a resilient crop and good model to study how extreme events influence the diverse chemical compounds plant produce. Thus we use it to understand plant metabolic networks in heat and to generate knowledge to integrate into our agriculture.
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