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Building Matter - LEGO with the physics of materials

Eventos pasados - 2019
20 may. Puertas: 19:30h
Evento: 20:00h-21:30h
Michael Collins, Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4,

Nanomaterials is the new Atoms

Sotirios Christodoulou (ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences)
The study and manipulation of matter at the atomic level has made it possible to develop materials in nanometre scale. Nanomaterials are a new class of materials possessing very small size which imparts a variety of properties and quantum effect. Hence, nanomaterials are called artificial atoms. Nowadays, nanomaterials are coming into use in healthcare, electronics, cosmetics and other areas. In this seminar we will discuss the use of nanomaterials in different fields of electronics spanning solar energy, displays and illumination, and how this technology promises to revolutionize our lives.

SuperTwisted Materials

Dmitri Efetov (ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences)
It is widely believed that the development of room temperature superconductivity is one of biggest challenges of modern physics and will lead to a technological revolution. However, a detailed understanding of how high temperature superconductivity arises in unconventional superconductors has to this day eluded scientists. This year, in a breakthrough discovery, scientists have found superconductivity in a radically new, two dimensional compound – “magic” angle bilayer graphene, which might finally cause a long awaited revolution in the comprehension of unconventional superconductivity.

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Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013, España Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013, España
Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013, España Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013, España