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The unknown Universe

Eventos pasados - 2017
17 may. Doors opening at 19:30 ; Talks starting at 20:00
Bacanal Café, Carrer de Sepúlveda, 164,
Barcelona 08011

Black holes: the dark heart of General Relativity

Christiana Pantelidou (University of Barcelona)
With the help of a small demonstration, I will briefly explain the main idea behind Einstein’s theory of General Relativity and show how it leads to black holes. I will also describe Alice’s journey as she falls inside a black hole: what does she see? and what does her partner, Bob, see from a safe distance?

Gravitational waves: the universe's symphony

Helvi Witek (Departament de Fisica Quantica i Astrofisica & Institut de Ciencies del Cosmos, Universitat de Barcelona)
First predicted a century ago, we have recently observed gravitational waves generated by the cosmic dance of two black holes. Although the smashing of two black holes is among the most energetic processes in the universe, trying to detect their gravitational wave signal is as challenging as trying to understand whispers in a large crowd of people.
In this talk I will tell you about the gravitational wave universe and what secrets we have uncovered so far.