San Sebastian/Donostia

Verbal Memories & Bilingualism

Eventos pasados - 2018
15 may 19:00
Altxerri Bar&Jazz Erregina Erregeordea Kalea, 2,
Donostia 20003
How can bilinguals switch between their languages fluidly? Nola? How? Comme? Zein da garunak egoera horri ematen dion erantzuna? Let’s have a look of this! Then, we will answer to an even deeper question: How are languages stored at our brain?
Bar Altxerri

Juggling multiple languages with one brain: Language switching in bilinguals

Liv Hoversten (Basque Center of Cognition, Brain and Language)
Bilinguals commonly switch between their languages when speaking with other bilinguals. They also have a remarkable ability to speak in only one language when necessary, without accidentally switching to the other language. How does the brain allow bilinguals to keep their languages separate and also fluidly switch between them? How does the bilingual brain respond when a language switch occurs? In this Pint of Science talk, we will discuss fascinating current scientific research on how bilinguals flexibly use each of their languages in different situations.

Searching for Verbal Memories

James Hartzell (Basque Center of Cognition, Brain and Language)
We use our languages every day, for speaking, reading, writing, and thinking. For brain and language researchers, one key question is `where in our brains are our languages?' or, to phrase the question another way, `how do our brains store our memory for language?´ Another key question is, `what are the neural circuits that connect our language areas?´ We have some partial answers to these questions, yet many aspects remain uncertain. This talk will provide a brief overview of what we know, what we don´t know, and how we are looking for answers.