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15 may 19:30
BlackLab Brewhouse, Plaça Pau Vila, 1,

Brain Imaging: a look inside our heads

We have all seen a doctor look at a b&w brain image in a hospital or the movies, we have seen this giant donut shaped machines called MRIs, and we have seen in the media cool images 3D of whats inside our heads. But how are these things actually possible? what do they do? (what do they not do) how and who do they help? What does the future hold?. A bit of all this with some beer on the side

Drug Design with Artificial Intelligence

Alfons Nonell (CEO at Mind the Byte)
The process of discovering and developing a new drug is time-consuming and expensive. It takes between 10 and 15 years on average and costs up to 1,000 million euros. At Mind the Byte we have developed an online platform that allows for a more rational design of drugs through the analysis and interpretation of experimental data. Thus, we can reduce the investment and the time necessary to bring a drug to the market. In the talk we will speak about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Cloud, which are some of the technologies we use to make these computational predictions.

BlackLab Brewhouse

Plaça Pau Vila, 1, 08039 Plaça Pau Vila, 1, 08039
Plaça Pau Vila, 1, 08039 Plaça Pau Vila, 1, 08039