A.I. to understand Earth and read our brain

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17 may Doors opening at 19:30 ; Talks starting at 20:00
Michael Collins Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4,

What we are trying to know about and change in your brain

Aureli Soria-Frisch (Neuroscience R&D Manager at Starlab)
Starlab is working in "reading" and understanding your brain signals with the help of artificial intelligence. We are interested in finding out your risk of getting Parkinsons', your consciousness level and your emotional response when you go through a particular experience. We work as well in modifying these signals through the application of electrical stimulation for improving your health. In this context we are working in stroke and autism treatments.

The new BIG DATA. Satellites & friends.

Laura Moreno Patricio (Space Business Development Manager at Starlab)
Do you want to know how satellite data is improving the taste of your beer?
Thousands of satellites orbit the earth every single day producing a huge amount of data.
Did you know a satellite can tell you when malt should be harvested? How much should it be irrigated and how to optimize the yield?
Satellite data is talking about growing markets, emergencies or security but also about which are the streets with a higher air quality or the most convenient place to open your new business.
The new satellite data that is coming won’t leave anyone indifferent. Are you ready?

Michael Collins

Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013 Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013
Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013 Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013