Nanomaterials for life and science

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15 may Doors opening at 19:30 ; Talks starting at 20:00
Michael Collins Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4,
BArcelona Fun Science

The age of Nanomaterials

Francesco Di Stasio (ICFO)
The study and manipulation of matter at the atomic level has made it possible to develop novel materials in the nanometre scale. Nanomaterials are a new class of materials possessing very small size (1000 times smaller than a human hair) which imparts a variety of properties and quantum effects. Nowadays, nanomaterials are coming into use in healthcare, electronics, cosmetics and other areas. In this seminar we will discuss the application of nanomaterials in displays and illumination, and how this technology promises to revolutionize our lives.

Fun & Science activity : Spherification

Rachel Cruickshank (Barcelona Fun Science)
Before the session and in the break between talks, Rachel Cruickshank from Barcelona Fun Science will be running a short interactive demonstration about novel uses of chemical reactions to create materials in molecular gastronomy. Join us to learn all about Molecular Spherification, and to prepare some seasonal edible fruit spheres!

Shrinking the matter for a bright future

Sotirios Christodoulou (ICFO)
Nowadays we have already experienced the size reduction of our everyday devices with enhanced performance, thanks to the growth of Nanotechnology. But why we have to use nano-sized materials? Here we are going to explore the world of Nanomaterials and their contribution on developing cutting-edge technologies for a green, cheap and bright future.

Michael Collins

Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013 Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013
Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013 Plaza Sagrada Familia, 4, 08013