Grizzly 72 Sports Bar

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 586, Barcelona, 08011

lunes 15 mayo 2017

Doors opening at 19:30 ; Talks starting at 20:00

Nuestro Cuerpo charla Guillaume Filion

HIV latency and genome architecture

Eduard Valera Zorita (CRG) , Guillaume Filion (Centro de Regulación Genómica)

HIV needs to be inserted in the genome of its host cell. This allows the virus to become latent and to establish a reservoir of infected cells. Patients infected with HIV cannot interrupt the anti-retroviral therapy at any moment, otherwise the HIV rebounds and all the symptoms of the infection come back. How and why HIV goes latent is still unclear. Little attention was paid to the hypothesis that HIV may be silenced by the host genome. We study this idea with a technology that allows us to tag viral genomes with a barcode to follow their insertion and expression in the host cell.